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School Yard

Constructing or repairing a school yard is challenging to say the least, but our company is always ready for such projects. We use not only the latest equipment and machinery, but also the latest and most effective techniques, so that your project can be completed by the deadline, without affecting the work quality adversely. The constructing school yard is challenging due to the area in question. However, our company makes things much easier for you. We start working after the school hours, which means that the kids from your school will not be at risk.

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Drainage is important for the roads as this drain any rainwater or other fluid off the surface. However, making a drainage system takes months, a great deal of planning and a lot of hard work. Drains are not only on the sides of roads, but are also made for fields, rooftops or almost any other place you wish to have drained regularly. These links to the main drain or act as the main drain themselves.
The procedure for the construction of a drainage system is unique and interesting. One may think that all there is to it is digging up some dirt,

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A road may seem like sparkling when it is new, but over the months and years, not only does dust gathers over it, the road itself starts to get damaged. This happens due to reasons such as traffic load and temperature changes. Traffic load is inevitable and is not something you can actually protect roads from! You also cannot protect roads and paths from the effects of temperature. In the case of surface cracks, for instance, did you know that Roads, therefore, need to be repaired periodically. There are also many other kinds of damages which can be taken

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Pathways are made of bricks, stones or other materials to provide a definite path for walking. Today, these can be found in residences, commercial and corporate properties alike. One of their uses is that these beautify the property. Secondly, they keep your person free from treading on dirt. Thirdly, these have a very gentle slope, which facilitates the drainage of water. As a result, you are far less likely to slip while walking on a footpath than while walking on the normal ground. Fourthly, these generally have a naturally good grip.

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Driveways are essential add-ons to your home, or more specifically to your garage. Since these are made of asphalt, you need to employ a professional company, which knows what it is doing. Such a company needs to have several years of experience. Like any other surface made of asphalt, driveways are made up of several layers. The main layer of the surface is the granular base. One needs the surface to maintain a correct thickness and the appropriate composition. Generally, the layer is composed of crushed stone,

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Crack Sealing

Cracks can be seen commonly on roads, and there is a good many reasons for this. This is something that construction workers have to worry about constantly because making a road that shall never develop cracks is not possible. The main causes of road surface cracks, which hamper traffic flow, are caused mainly by high loads and thermal movements. Cracks do not occur in the same way everywhere. Even on the same road, you will see different types of cracks: horizontal, vertical, fatigue and block cracks.

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Tennis Court

A game of tennis on a hardcourt is especially enjoyable, but only because a great amount of time and energy does into making the court in the first place! Just like a road, a hardcourt is made of several layers. These layers consist of various aggregates, which are mixtures or combinations of crushed stone, gravel and sand. There is a great advantage in the asphalting of tennis courts, although there is a disadvantage as well. The advantage is that unlike other surfaces, they require very low maintenance. This means that all you need to do is pay

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Before we start asphalting a road, we study the soil structure carefully. This is because the weight of the asphalted road falls on the soil. If the soil is unstable, all the hard work can come to nothing. Therefore, the actual process starts, the soil needs to be prepared by compacting. The addition of lime and cement to the soil accelerates the process. Gravel is placed and made compact over the soil, offering a stable base layer. The process of asphalting takes place in layers, generally of 6 layers. The bottom most layer has a compression strain of 200 bar

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